Therapy for Therapists

Often people, or even therapists themselves, have the misconception that therapists have no real issues in their lives since they are capable of providing their guidance and skills to others. At PeaceTree we believe the healthiest therapists are those that understand utilize the space of therapy only helps them live better lives and work more effectively with their own clients. It is common for many therapists to seek out mental health resources in order to help improve upon their quality of life. For example, you might experience empathy-fatigue, and burn-out due to work-related stressors. However, you may also experience stressors and symptoms that are not limited to the workplace which involve other factors such as family problems, depressive symptoms, life changes, symptoms of anxiety, and so forth. It is important for therapists to seek out treatment when feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, fatigued, sad or even for increased happiness and life satisfaction. A PeaceTree therapist can help you process and address the barriers that are impeding your overall quality of life. To request a new patient appointment click here.

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