Self Esteem

An individual's self-esteem can influence their overall well-being. For example, people with low self-esteem may feel shame and doubt because they are frequently criticizing themselves. On the other-hand someone with high self-esteem often feel good about themselves and have high expectations about their abilities because they often view themselves in a favorable light. People use a variety of ways to cope with their low self-esteem or negative opinions about themselves. Some chose to socially withdrawal meanwhile others may feel anger, guilt, anxiety, or sadness, or even engage in self-destructive/risky behaviors. Self-doubt can interfere with productivity and social interactions as well. A PeaceTree therapist can help you address and better understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors underlying low self-esteem. Through therapy you may begin to learn and develop a healthy relationship with oneself and improve your overall well-being. To request a new patient appointment click here .

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