Everyone feels anxious or uneasy at some point in their lives; whether it be your first day at a new school, or going to a doctor's appointment, it is normal for people to feel anxious. However, anxiety becomes an issue when it prevents you from being able to work, leads you to avoid certain people or situations, and/or prevents you from enjoying your life. You may have a specific, intense fear of driving which can limit your independence. Another type of phobia may cause you to become fearful around others because you do not want to be humiliated or embarrassed. Or you may have the type of phobia where you experience extreme anxiety about being in places that are difficult to escape. Although this disorder is often viewed as being shy or having irrational fears, it can greatly affect an individual's life and daily functioning. Therapy has shown to be extremely successful in the treatment of these different types of phobias. Therapist provide relaxation techniques and help you learn new skills to react differently to the object or situation that triggers fear or anxiety. To request a new patient appointment click here .

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