Impaired Professional

Life transitions are difficult in general because humans do not typically embrace or respond well to change. Transitions may be especially difficult if they are a result of a negative consequence (i.e. losing a job, getting demoted, losing a licensure, et veterans). Whether you lost your job due to substance misuse or unethical behaviors, confronting these situations are often overwhelming and frightening. Professionals experiencing this type of loss may experience a number of symptoms which can consist of: feeling isolated, socially withdrawing from others, sleep difficulties, feelings of profound sadness, worry, or guilt, a change in appetite, as well as other problems. A PeaceTree therapist serves as a non-judgmental form of support as you begin to process and problem-solve through this difficult time. Therapy can help provide the guidance, skills, and insight that you may need that will help you overcome this hurdle. To request a new patient appointment click here .

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