Group Therapy has several benefits some of which include the following: a shared therapeutic social space to be with others, giving and providing feedback and support, realizing you are not alone and learning new ideas and concepts. 


Interested in joining a Group?  Take a look at the groups below and if interested contact us at [email protected] and let us know which group you are interested in joining:




Anyone who is a parent knows we all could use a little extra support.  This is a weekly group for 8-weeks for those seeking education, support and social connection with other parents.  Have you been searching for a space to think about and process parenting? Then this guided structure group may be for you.  Group members will learn skills that they can use to address common parenting challenges and relieve feelings of anxiety and concern often experienced but not always openly talked among most parents. Effective and realistic parenting strategies will be reviewed, including positive reinforcement, effective communication, behavioral management and mindful parenting. These open conversations will increase group members’ sense of support and social connection with other parents while gaining new skills. 

Topics covered will include but are not limited to:

·       The power of praise (positive reinforcement)

·       Methods of creating clear and effective routines/expectations

·       Mindful and compassionate communication (active listening)

·       Active ignoring and managing challenging behaviors

·       Importance of self-care


DATE & TIME:  Tuesdays 6-7:30pm

LOCATION:  Virtual

THERAPIST:  Dr. Johanna Crocetto, LCSW

START DATES:   May 25th, July 20th, September 14th


This is a group that aims to move at a pace of the needs of our group members and focus on aspects of how stresses are expressed through unhelpful behaviors or thoughts. We cover a range of struggles from anxiety and depression to the more specific symptoms of avoidance and isolation, unspoken expectations that turn to resentment, and finding the skills to thrive in difficult times instead of just survive.  This group is open to anyone wanting help in these areas and more.

DATE & TIME:  Fridays at 4pm  

LOCATION:  Virtual  

THERAPIST:  Michael Drag, LPC

START DATE:  as soon as group fills

Coming this Fall....



Virtual Women’s Support Group: Survivors of Abuse

This 12-session group is open to women survivors of sexual assault seeking psychoeducation, support, and connection with other women survivors. Group meetings will address the common struggles experienced by survivors, including triggers, difficulties in trust, feelings of anxiety, depression, shame, loss, and anger, and managing interpersonal relationships. The group will also review safe and effective coping strategies and encourage a sense of strength and growth through a group community. 


DATE & TIME:   Coming this fall

LOCATION:   Virtual or King of Prussia

THERAPIST:  Dr. Johanna Crocetto, DSW, LCSW

- if interested in this group, send us an email at [email protected] and let us know so we can place you on the list for the group.



*  All groups are contingent on group enrollment and start dates may vary slightly depending on group enrollment * 

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