Gottman Couples MarathonTraining

It is natural and common for issues and conflicts to arise in your interpersonal, romantic relationships. However, if there is a current crisis or specific issue in your relationship that is beginning to affect your daily functioning and overall quality of life, Gottman’s Couples Marathon Training may be an appropriate form of treatment for you and your partner. This type of therapy is short-term and intensive; generally it involves 2-5 consecutive days of intensive therapy. Typically, the sessions include 2-3 hours of therapy in the morning, a break for lunch, and 2-3 hours of therapy in the afternoon. The structure of the sessions will be dependent on the issues that need to be addressed, the goals you have for therapy, and your emotional needs. This therapeutic approach often leads to significant reduction of feelings of distress, resolution of specific problems, and a stronger relationship. It is common that you and/or your partner to experience uncomfortable feelings (i.e. sadness, guilt, anger, helplessness) as a result of the intensity of the treatment, however, the outcomes of the treatment are long-lasting and oftentimes worthwhile. Here at PeaceTree we have clinicians who are specialized and trained in this unique method. Please contact us if you believe that this approach would help you overcome your interpersonal relationship distress and if this is the type of therapy you are interested let us know so we schedule you with one of our therapists who have undergone Gottman training. 

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