Coping with Stress

 Everyone experiences stress and reacts to stress differently throughout various points in their lives. The stressors may include and are not limited to: day-to-day activities, relationship, work, life changes, medical conditions/illnesses, and even fun or enjoyable events. It is common for people to experience physical and, or, psychological symptoms in response to stress. Symptoms of stress may consist of: irritability, difficulties concentrating, worrying, head or body aches, eating too much or too little, sleep difficulties, rashes, upset stomach, high blood pressure, and chest pains. Research has shown that stress can worsen physical conditions; stress has shown to even weaken your immune system. Psychotherapy has shown to be a helpful form of treatment for individuals who are experiencing a lot of stress and feeling overwhelmed. A PeaceTree clinician can help you identify you stressors and provide you with coping strategies as well as problem-solving techniques to help you manage your stress and improve your quality of life. 
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