As of 2015 there are nearly 6 million children in the United States diagnosed with ADHD (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). ADHD is a common disorder that affects both boys and girls however, the symptoms could be different based upon the type of ADHD (Hyperactive type, Primarily Inattentive type, or Combined Type). Hyperactive ADHD is when the child has high energy and "bouncing off the walls". With this type of ADHD the child may have a hard time waiting their turns, often interrupts others, and talks excessively. A child with Primarily Inattentive type ADHD may often makes careless mistakes during activities, has difficulty sustaining attention, doesn't seem to listen or follow through on instructions, struggles to organize tasks, loses things, and avoids tasks that require sustained mental effort. Since ADHD is extremely common in children, the tools to diagnose a child with ADHD are well known and developed. Medication and behavior therapy are the most recommended form of ADHD treatment which has helped increase focus and decrease symptoms in the majority of children. To request a new patient appointment click here .

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